Collection: Peonies

Luxurious, furious, vibrant, feminine, fun; these are the colors of peonies. Just choose the one or ones that best fit your personality and mood.

Peonies come in myriad different colors, combinations, sizes, styles, and fragrances.  Their beauty, elegance and fragrance enhance your days and your life. And yes, there are many beautiful flowers out there in the cut flower market, but none as regal, radiant, vivid and large as THE PEONY.   By herself or in an arrangement, the peony will always stand out.

She is the queen of all cut flowers, the biggest, the boldest, the most diverse in every feature.

Flowers are linked to love, beauty, chivalry, peace and so many other emotions; we are reminded by them that we are alive, and that there is beauty in the world.  Life and beauty to be had in our home, in our workplace, at our milestone events.  The peony is the best candidate for this difficult job, and it does it with grace and elegance.