From Patagonia, the south of Chile, several major flower growers, with more than 15 years of experience in the area of floriculture, have partnered together to give life to Patagonia Sun. Focused on premium flowers as a common goal, we strive to grow, select and export the best flowers from Chile to the rest of the world.
In 2004, Eduardo Engler and his wife María Inés (Mia) decided to set a few hectares apart from their cattle business and planted what was a budding product at the time, Peonies. The first harvest was in 2006, which was exported through others. In 2008 they decided to try their hand at exporting their own product, and together with María Inés’ brother who lives in the US, set up Pilauco Peonies. The goal was to export their own flowers, at a sustainable price, and striving to offer the best quality from Chile in peonies. Slowly the Pilauco Peonies brand grew, and became international, with their flowers being shipped to the US, Canada, Europe. Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Central and South America.

In 2017 Aurelio Montes of the world-renowned Montes Wines, and his daughter Bernardita, saw an opportunity to set aside several hectares of land, apart from his wine and cherry business, and planted Peonies. Bernardita and María Inés (Mia), had known each other briefly through the national flower market, and it seemed the time was ripe to come together for both families, in order to handle the larger volumes of production coming out of their farms.

Pilauco had a good reputation in Chile among the peony world, for achieving good prices for the grower, and good quality and consistency, and service for the buyers. When María Inés and Bernardita came together to form Patagonia Sun, several other growers asked to hop on board, and here we are today as Patagonia Sun, a new company which encompasses Eduardo Engler with Pilauco, Aurelio Montes with his company Kaiken, and several other growers throughout the length of the south Chile, who prefer Patagonia Sun over the competition because of our commitment to making it all work both for the growers and the buyers equally.


We are growers, exporters and we also commercialize our own flowers, so we take care of the entire chain, making sure everyone is happy.

Our commitment is to work so that growers can produce good quality products with sustainability and buyers can acquire products of the best possible quality, from magical Patagonia, in their Hands.




With Eduardo Engler and his wife, Maria Inés Escalona (Mia), at the helm, Pilauco has over 15 years of experience in growing and exporting quality peonies from the south of Chile. Eduardo has over 50 years of experience in farming and cattle ranching.

Aurelio Montes, founder and owner of Viña Montes, with over 40 years of experience in agricultural exports, together with his daughter Bernardita Montes, join as peony growers from the central area of Chile.